Memem Sarkıksa Ne Olmuş? İdeal Kadın Bedenlerine İnat Kendilerinden Nefret Etmek Yerine Gülümseyi Başaran 15 Kadın


Kadınların bedenleri hakkında çok yazılıp çizildi. Memesi şöyle olmalı, kilosu şöyle olursa ideal olur gibi yönlendirmelerle kadınlar var oldukları bedenlerden nefret eder oldu. Bizler de aslında bedeninizden nefret etmemeniz gerektiğini ve o bedende rahatsanız, o bedende gülümsemeniz gerektiğini söylemeye geldik. Ve bunun kanıtı da 15 kadın fotoğrafı ekledik. 

Keyifli okumalar!

1. Birileri sürekli, kadınların nasıl olması gerektiğine dair yorumlar yapıyor. Kadınların kalçası, kadınların memesi ya da kadınların kilosu...

2. Bu yapılan yorumların sonucunda da ne yazık ki kadınlar, sonradan idealmiş gibi sunulan bedene, görünüme sahip olmak için bıçak altına yatıyor.

3. Kadınlar, bir yandan o yaratılan ideal görünüme sahip olmanın hayalini kurarken diğer yandan da bulunduğu bedenden nefret ediyor.

4. Nefret etmelerinin suçu elbetteki kendileri değil. Suç, kadınların var oldukları bedenleri yok sayıp değişmelerini söyleyenlerde.

5. Ne yazık ki insanların bünyesi henüz farklılıklara açık değil. Onların taktıkları at gözlükleri nedeniyle neden birileri mutsuz olsun? Neden kadınlar istedikleri şeyleri sırf "ideal" görülen bedene sahip olmadıkları için yapamasın?

6. Artık, kimsenin bedeninizle ilgili söyledikleri sözler umrunuzda olmasın.

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#Repost @watchshayslay ・・・ Is this... how you like it, daddy? . As a fat transwoman, sex work was almost inevitable. During the beginning of my transition., I knew that my body, would become an outlet for this field. Well many of my trans sisters were working on their bodies, via surgery; my weight created a natural feminine appearance. . These features made passibility fairly simple, which in hand, made sex work easier. My body was already fetishized as a fat individual, adding in being transgender, was the bow on the package. And while I struggled, it was never half as bad as my sisters. . My life existed at nightfall; when we comb the depths of darkness, searching to fulfill our fantasies. Hoping one day, we will be comfortable enough, in accepting our true desires. Desires far too outside the box for streamline society. What lies inside us, will always stir, unless we tame it. . My body became a running experiment for the lost, confused, and questioning. Men seeking an outlet for release, that they weren’t finding at home. To which my mind was comfortable with accepting. I had money, stability, and my mentality. Or so I thought... . I always say, sex work chose me. But what I never chose, was to disconnect mentally. While I used my body to survive, my mental health deteriorated. I had to disconnect, because without it, I wouldn’t have managed. . When I finally left sex work, that mentality remained. It took years for me to truly appreciate, my body and sexuality, for what they are. To enjoy, the act of sharing yourself with someone, because you want to... and not because you have to. . I own my body. I’m allowed to feel sexy outside of the constraints, that have been pushed upon me by society. I refuse to remain in the darkness, when I am filled with so much light. . I will not be denied the option, to lead a ordinary life, because my body isn’t accepted societally. This body is fat. It’s trans. It’s hella sexy! So I will stay mentally aware, enjoy sex, and own all of it... because that is what I deserve. . . 📸: @underneath_we_are_women . #plusmodel #writersofinstagram #effyourbeautystandards #trans #fat #femme #transgender #fatty #plus #bopo

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7. Bedeninizi sevin! Farklılığınız gülümsemenize engel olmasın.

8. Ve bu güzel gülümsemelerinizi kimsenin engellemesine izin vermeyin.

9. Hiçbir zaman kilolarınızı, çillerinizi ya da yaralarınızı saklamayın!

10. Çünkü siz onlarla daha güzelsiniz.

11. Kimse kimsenin göz zevki için var olmamıştır.

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. 💋🍎HOW YOU LIKE DEM APPLES🍎💋 . . Ok now that I've got your attention, I want to talk about something serious. Wait wait wait, don't run away just yet, stay with me guys. I want to talk about Christmas time and food. I want to talk about what happens to people over the holiday season. I want to talk about how Christmas/the holiday season has become a time for acceptable and often expected, disordered eating. . . If you don't know what I'm talking about, let me give you some examples. I'm sure many of you have heard these types of words from a friends and family at this time of year... • "I'm going to have to put in some serious time at the gym after this week" • "no thanks, I'm trying to be good this Christmas" • "If I can get through this Christmas without putting on weight, I'll have done well" . . This talk, this behaviour is actually not ok. But it has been made to seem so. It's become so common place, so acceptable that we hardly notice it. Everyone seems to partake in this yearly mass coming together of disordered eating. And it's made even more acceptable by businesses and brands that capitalise on this time of year. But I've got some questions for you... . . •How much of this holiday season are you going to exclude yourself from in the name of staying thin? • How much are you prepared to suffer in the name of 'being good'? . . You don't have to buy into this rubbish. You CAN enjoy yourself. You CAN have that second serving of Christmas pudding. Please, don't miss out. Don't exclude yourself. Don't punish yourself. Don't feel guilty for enjoyment. . This holiday season, please, try to let go of all the rules and restrictions. And let go of them WITHOUT the intention of 'working off' or 'making up' for it! . . Just, enjoy. . . Also, enjoy this sexy pic of me with these cute lil glittery apple bulbuls 🍎💋🍎💋 . . #christmastime #sexychristmas #lilred #sexymumma

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12. Kimseye çekici görünmek gibi bir zorunluluğunuz da yok.

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"One year ago today I participated in this awesome photo shoot. So proud of myself, I was so nervous and almost backed out but I didn't. I still feel so awesome about participating and my photo" -- Angela 2017 . . "Underneath I am “Fierce” I have been debating with myself since the shoot if I would show or post my photo on my page for people to see. Yes, I know it is going public anyway and will end up in a book, but to post it here and to show the people who know me is a real challenge to my comfort zones. I have also had some recent challenges mentally that I am still fighting my way through; they made the decision to participate much harder but also more important to me. I was inspired by the words of fellow participant, Ruby, and her posting of her photo, so I decided to ‘Just Do It’. 2016 was a year to challenge my comfort zones and participating in UWAW by Amy Herrmann was/ is a huge deal for me and pushed my comfort zones a number of times. I considered backing out so many times even on the day of the shoot, but I was constantly reminded by a friend this was not just for me, but I would also be helping others. So even though I was unsure and recently going through a rough time mentally, I pushed through my comfort zones and my doubts and it was totally worth it. This image of me makes me feel nervous. I can portray a confident and extroverted person to those around me, but in reality that is not who I am and certainly not when it comes to my body image. There are many things about myself I do not allow people to see. Like many women I don’t have a positive body image of myself. As a person with a disability I wanted to challenge society’s perception of the disabled body image and the idea it is something to be covered up, hidden, seen as unattractive and to be fixed. These are the reasons why I love this project so much. Challenging ideas. Amy is challenging, no, correcting us as a society, showing us that no matter what we look like no matter our size, shape, challenges, differences, beliefs we are all the same. Underneath we are all women." -- Angela 2016

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13. Bir eliniz olmayabilir, tekerlekli sandalyede kilolu da olabilirsiniz.

14. Ya da kısa, çilli, uzun burunlu, kırışık, çok uzun, çok zayıf da olabilirsiniz.

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"SO PROUD TO BE APART OF THIS TRULY AMAZING PROJECT! PLEASE help us get our message/book out to the world! Please pledge whatever you can ! Without you we can't move forward! Beauty is in the eye of the holder! I may or may not be beautiful to you by I am to me! I have an 11year old daughter who is proud of me because beauty is not air brushed , a 10year old son who thinks I'm the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and a 20 year old son who thinks I'm still dope enough to hangout with! To me #iamfierce ! I'm proud myself and all the other women in this project! I'm not perfect but I'm perfectly made! No shame or shade do I carry when I look in the mirror because this is me. Yes, I could and will be healthier. I see confidence with all my nooks and crannies! All the dimples, Stretch marks and scares! These are the maps of my life. They tell the story of my life! Things I have been through and endured! Things I have overcome and amazing beingsI have housed and nourished with body! I'm blessed beyond measure and have a Story to share." -- Valeana @immahairandbeautysalon #bosslady #blackqueen #blackbeauty #blackgirlmagic #mixedgirl #blaxican #underneath_we_are_women #proudofmyself #Survivor #alllivesmatter #strongwomen #thickwomen #tattoos #brownsistersspeak #dontlikedontlook #dontlikedontcare #pledge #bodyconfidence #moshame #noshade #noshadenotea #fluffy

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15. Tüm bu betimlemeleri çöpe atın! Siz hangi bedende rahatsanız o bedende gülümseyin!

Helal olsun!
Hoş değil!
Çok acı...
Yok artık!
Çok iyi!


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