Güzellik Kalıplarını Bir Bir Yıkmaya Geliyorlar! İşte Instagram'ın Yeni Trendi 'Göbekli' Pozlar!


Instagram'ın yeni trendi göbekli pozlar! 'Bedeninle barışık ol!' diyen birçok Instagram fenomeni, göbeklerini özgürce sergilemeye başladı, dayatılan güzellik kalıplarını yıkmaya geliyorlar! ⭐️

Bildiğiniz üzere Instagram'da herkes dünya güzeli, mükemmel vücuda sahip ve çok mutlu.

all of this winning #BEinyourskin

Brianna McDonnell (@_the_b_word_)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

Elbette aralarında gerçekten öyle olanlar vardır; ancak biz sizlere 'ötekileştirilen' kadınlardan bahsedeceğiz.

I used to HATE going out in public wearing highwaisted jeans if I was going to have to eat somewhere. I bloat really easily and almost immediately my jeans would become so uncomfortable to where I would have to unbutton them because they were leaving an imprint on my tummy (I'm sorry, squish!). • *👉 No - I wasn't wearing the wrong size jeans, because on an empty stomach my pants were always loose. (*This note is for any trolls. 😜) • It's just how my body works - bloat, bloat, bloat. So to counteract this, I went to the store and bought highwaisted jeans about a size and a half bigger than what I normally wear... when I put them on this morning they were sagging on me - however, look at them now! Tight on my tummy, my pudge is noticeable, but GUESS WHAT?! I'm still COMFORTABLE with the little bit of wiggle room I have left. • ✔ Don't be afraid to dress for the occasion. ✔ Don't be afraid of numbers. ✔ Don't be afraid of dressing for YOUR unique body. • Your body changes throughout the day - embrace it. 💗 • • • • • • • #riotsnotdiets #body4me #bopo #bodylove #bodyacceptance #bodypositivity #edfam #perfectlyimperfect #endbodyshaming #bopowarrior #selflove #lovethyself #confident #chubby #honormycurves #losehatenotweight #tummy #curves #bodyposi #beautybeyondsize #beautiful #therealyouissexy #beinyourskin #goldenconfidence #celebratemysize #nobodyshaming @nonairbrushedme #bloated #embracethesquish #pizzasisters4lyfe

🌼 l a r a 🌼 (@laraonfire)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

Vücudunu olduğu gibi seven,

Hiçbir şekilde kilolarını saklamayan,

White women lay claim to intersectionality without acknowledging that the theory was developed by a woman of color to combat the Over Simplification of identity development and activism. I'm ANGRY at how WHITE the BoPo community and modern feminism is. I'm not talking about skin color. I'm talking about PRIVILEGE so thick that being intersectional is a fairytale of a thought. Moreover, often when confronted about their version of activism lacking inclusive perspective, they write it off as "their truth"... FALSE. When you are featured and re-featured, being celebrated as a heroine of a feminist and you fail to mention being confronted for lack of intersectionality, your White Feminism speaks for us all, in the same way thin white bodies begin to represent marginalized bodies within the BoPo community. In all seriousness, the body hair FAD (because that's all it really is, a surface level distraction from deeper issues of oppression & disparity) is disheartening. Why do we glorify White women for going bare faced and hairy, when (say it with me) WOMEN OF COLOR HAVE BEEN CARE FREE ABOUT BODY HAIR AND HAVE BEEN GOING MAKEUP FREE?!!! Pay attention! Pay homage! Acknowledge! Validate! It wasn't until recently that cosmetics companies began exploring a spectrum of shades and products for WOC. We had no choice. We were excluded and found beauty in our natural existence, hair and all. But thin white women are Heroines. For WHAT, I ask? Boiling the fight against the patriarchy/misogyny down to outward appearances such as body hair and no makeup is A PRIVILEGE. You can change that at your leisure. Your actions are weak and narrow minded, at best. I can't shave off my blackness. A fat woman can't shave her shape to fit beauty standards. A disabled person can't shave themselves accessibility. A queer person can't shave themselves heterosexual. The chronically ill can't shave themselves affordable healthcare. Hairy or not, our lives, our EXISTENCE is an act of rebellion. Our BEING is a threat to the patriarchy, a threat that can cost me my life at any moment. People Are Dying. Wear my label? I AM MY LABEL and I'm demanding acknowledgment, visibility, and respect.

Sassy (@sassy_latte)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

Ve dayatılan güzellik kalıplarını yıkmaya çalışan kadınlardan.

Bu kadınlar kendilerini saklamıyorlar.

Ve böyle olmaktan, bu şekilde yaşamaktan gayet mutlular.

İnsanın zaten önce kendini sevmesi gerekmiyor mu zaten?

Neden olmadığın biri gibi görünesin ki!

Zaten birçok büyük beden model bu akımın öncülüğünü yapmaya başlamıştı.

Seslerini iyi duyurmuşa benziyorlar!

Binlerce kadın #beinyourskin hashtag'i altında kabuğundan çıkarak, özgürce vücudunu göstermeye başladı bile çoktan.

Her halinizle güzel olduğunuzu unutmayın.

toll n thock

bobby knocks / barbie ferreira (@barbienox)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

Kendinizi sevin.

jeans painted on @fashionnovacurve | code: XOCarolinaReyna

Carolina Reyna (@carolinareyna_)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

Vücudunuzu sevin.

En önemlisi de utanmayın!

As a disabled woman, it has always been implied I'm not sexy. I didn't receive appropriate sex education at school because it wasn't considered necessary for people like me. I was unable to access sexual health screening due to stairs, lack of hoisting equipment and dreadful assumptions that disabled people wouldn't need to access such treatment in the first place. When I was out in clubs as a teenager, I wasn't flirted with, bought drinks or taken to the toilets for a quickie. Rather I was congratulated for being out of the house and joked with about 'drink driving' my wheelchair. Lusting after a disabled person is considered a fetish, we're objectified by people who want to watch our unusual walking styles or see us putting on splints. Those who do find us sexually attractive are reluctant to pursue us because it is considered to reflect a dark and perverted side of themselves, not to mention the anxieties of being berated by friends for dating a cripple or families not accepting partners with impairments. Images of disabled women in the media sell us as strong and brave, even inspirational, but never sexy. Many women who post images like I do experience an onslaught of messages from men objectifying them, frustrated that they are constantly over-sexualised, unable to talk about their body without sex being involved. However, just like beauty standards, when it comes to the representation of disabled people, we are just left out of the conversation entirely. My body may be different, but you won't hurt me and I won't break. My sexuality is mine to express. My body is mine to do with what I choose. My desires are the same as those of many non disabled women. We want to be enjoyed, our bodies desired and fantasised about. #disabledandproud

Imogen's Body Lovin' 🌺 (@the_feeding_of_the_fox)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

Kıvrımlarınız, sizin sağlığınızı tehlikeye atmadığı sürece çok güzel!


hannah c :-) (@fatkyliejenner)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()


No filter, just ☀️ . . #nofilter #greeneyes #bbw #curvy #curves #thick #thickness #instagood #instadaily #bestoftheday

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