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Thor'un Çekici, Mike'ın Kamerası! Fırtınaların Ortasına Dalan Cesur Fotoğrafçıdan Nefesinizi Kesecek Kareler


Sizleri soluksuz bırakacak bu fotoğraflarla, bir fırtınanın ortasında kalacaksınız...

Bu içerikteki görseller Mike Olbinski'nin instagram hesabından derlenmiştir.

1. Fotoğrafçılık tutkusunu, düğün ve fırtına fotoğrafları ile birleştiren Emmy ödüllü Mike Olbinski gerçekten işinin ehli...

2. Springfield'da çekilen bu kare Avengers filminden bir sahne de olabilirmiş.

3. Nefes kesen karelerinden sadece bir tanesi...

4. Fırtına fotoğraflarının yanında Mike aynı zamanda bu güzel atmosferleri düğün fotoğrafçılığı yaparak değerlendiriyor.

5. Her bir kare başka bir film sahnesini anımsatıyor.

6. Yukarıdaki karenin soluksuz bırakacak videosu...

7. Doğanın çarpıcı güzelliğini kullanan sanatçı, özel günlerinizi daha da unutulmaz hale getiriyor.

8. Interstellar filminden bir sahne desek uyar gibi...

9. Böylesi büyüleyici doğa olaylarını belgelemek yürek isteyen bir meslek!

10. Doğru zamanda doğru yerde olmak.

11. Doğanın büyüleyici renk cümbüşü ve Mike'ın o anı yakalaması!

12. Şuraya Thor'u eklesek...

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Headed out with the kiddos around 9:30 yesterday morning with southeastern AZ as our target and we pretty much spent the day in an area from Willcox to Elfrida and while it started off slow and frustrating (especially seeing what we were missing up north), stuff started ramping up the closer it got to dark. I dunno if it's all usable, but shot over 500gb of time-lapse yesterday and sat in one spot by Willcox for around 90 minutes shooting lightning that was landing just a couple of miles away by the end. But before all that...just as the sun was about to set, we watched this new storm pop-up over the Dragoon Mountains. Watched it for a bit, but it wasn't super active at the time, and one further south near Bisbee was going crazy. So I dropped south aways and found an awesome open dirt road. Started shooting the storm to the south which put out some insanity, but then my original Dragoon storm started going off, so I pointed the 50mm towards it and went back to my other two cameras. Couldn't believe it when I saw this strike on the back of the camera. One of my favorites of the summer for sure. Dual clear air bolts, maybe positives, just exploding out of the storm, landing in a nice open area, one of them hitting the tiny little hill on the right, and the other possibly on that left hill. Not to mention some night twilight left in the sky and a teeny bolt poking out the top. Fantastic day, got to hang out with my buddy Chris Frailey for most of it and the show at the end of the night had us hooting and hollering for quite awhile haha. More to come! /end ramble #mop #mikeolbinski #mopphotos #instagramaz #see_arizona #igsouthwest #ig_stormclouds #earthfocus #earthpix #discoverearth #canon #stormhour #igworldclub #monsoon #storms #madwx #azwx #weownthenight_az #lightning

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13. Işık ve renk şöleni!

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Yesterday didn't seem like anything too exciting. Started south of town early afternoon, dust storm was weak, came home, picked up the kids and we decided to play the storms out west by Tonopah because I had a feeling that the action would end up propagating out there. Things got more intense with strong downbursts near the Salome Highway/I-10 intersection as an outflow boundary progressed northward. The storms started forming over me as I raced towards the town of Aguila, dodging donkeys along the way while marveling at the sunset light that was beginning to shine on everything. As I started making it on the north side of the storms, my cell data returned and I realized the storms I had raced under were intense. I was looking up at the cloud above me and suddenly saw shelfy structure...and when I pulled over, it looks like a supercell for a moment. I couldn't believe my eyes. But the most insane thing to me was the green. I've never seen green like this in Arizona ever. It was so intense. I was standing there in disbelief that a seemingly average day would suddenly go supernova to have this huge storm with a green hail core. And to make it even more incredible, as it moved towards me, the sunset light somehow exploded and I was just in completer and utter awe. This image is a tough one for me...I edited it just like I do all the others. Layers of contrast, a teeny bit of vibrance added...but the colors were so whack, I think people will be asking (and have been on Twitter already) if it's legit. It looked like this to me standing there. Yeah, I edit stuff to look good, but I really tried not to make it look different than it did. I love it :) #mop #mikeolbinski #mopphotos #instagramaz #see_arizona #igsouthwest #ig_stormclouds #earthfocus #earthpix #discoverearth #canon #stormhour #igworldclub #monsoon #storms #madwx #azwx

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14. Yetenekli sanatçının etkileyici fotoğraflarının ve her karesinde hissedilen tutkusunun devamını dileriz...

15. Tüylerinizi diken diken yapacak bir video ile sizleri baş başa bırakıyoruz...

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